Beat until stiff.
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What can I do with a bunch of egg whites? Complexity is not a vice.

Every so often, I make creme brulee (like today). But I'm usually at a loose for what to do with the 8 egg whites that get left over (or when I double the recipe, the 16 egg whites). I thought I'd ask to see what everyone's favorite recipes are for using just egg whites. It can be simple as a favorite cookie recipe or deep into molecular gastronomy. Savory or sweet, my kitchen is well stocked, and my abilities love to be stretched.
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This has been asked before. Are none of those appealing?
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Response by poster: Jedicus: My search-fu failed me thanks for that one. Although, I was also hoping for more savory recipes.
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There is a world of souffles. If you don't want to enter the world of souffles, egg whites are a key ingredient in making consommé.
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Well, meringues, macaroons, tiramisu. I know of some civilizations used to use it to build walls. I don't exactly know how they use it, but it works as a binding agent.
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Seven Minute Icing on Devil's Food Cake is my absolute favorite cake...
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Meringue cookies.
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Combine with salt to make a whole roasted salt-encrusted fish
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I had a lemon chiffon pie with meringue crust recently and thought it was wonderful.
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I just made these cheese puffs about an hour ago. They are really yummy and since they freeze well, you could make a big batch of them and have them on hand for snacks.
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Many cocktails call for egg whites.
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I love to cook, but I always just end up using my egg whites for omelets, (I don't like yolks in them), usually with parmesan and garlic. Sorry it's not exciting, but yum.
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you can use some of it as a face mask, though this has nothing to do with cooking....
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A twist on standard meringue: Pavlova. It's great with whipped cream and strawberries.
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Pisco Sours.
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I use those egg whites that come in a carton to make quiche. 1/4 C egg white = 1 egg.
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