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I bought Quicken- do I still have to pay for Quicken online?

I read about Quicken online. I want to have the full range of options, so rather than using Quicken online I went ahead and bought Quicken Deluxe.

I also want to be able to access my information remotely, so I thought that I'd be able to somehow- if Quicken Online is free, I thought I'd be able to get online access to my data after spending the $40 for Quicken Deluxe. But maybe not?

Anyone using QD and has any info on how to get to your data over the web? Or must I be on my home computer and actually in the program?
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No idea about syncing with Quicken Online, however the online version is free. Expect it to disappear or merge with Mint though.
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I think it is free but as a very, very long standing Quicken (Deluxe) user, I'd recommend you keep info on just one secure home computer. It just isn't worth the risk to expose your financial information. If you want to make entries when away from home, rather than saving receipts as I do, I'd suggest taking a look at a smartphone app that is compatible with Quicken like PocketQuicken. You can always clear the smartphone data base once you've synced your entries.
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