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Looking for a sci-fi, fantasy, art film I saw as a child, it must have come out in the 80s, I remember watching it at an inappropriately young age and I was born in 82.

Anyway, all I can remember is one scene; a man possibly getting facial surgery, I remember a blade and his face, maybe he was doing a sci-fi face lift. He was sitting on a revolving chair I believe that was on a pedestal, and there are statuesque cherubs, similar to the creepy moving cherub statues from Legend. I remember the film as being very surreal and very sci-fi, but not at all cheesy to me at the time. It had the feel of Legend or Dune, only this particular scene I remember as being darker. I remember some of my parent's favorite movies being Brazil, Ladyhawke, Bladerunner, Dune, Legend, etc. but I cannot for the life of me remember this movie. Any ideas???
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Best answer: It's not the face lift scene in Brazil, right?
posted by Casuistry at 2:42 AM on December 31, 2009

Logan's Run?
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Best answer: Right movie, wrong scene, I'd wager.
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Response by poster: yes Brazil must be it. I guess This is the scene i was remembering. Geez, I just watched this the other day....I guess I somehow missed the very scene i was looking for. Maybe after so many years I just remembered it differently. Thank you Casuistry and halcyon_daze.
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Brazil has a number of different releases, studio edits, director cuts, TV edits, so it is quite possible the version you recently watched didn't have that scene it it.
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Ha! When I responded, I have to confess I didn't notice your mentioning having seen Brazil. I was just reacting to Casuistry's response.

"Oops," as in "Oops, I didn't read the question."

Glad it all worked out!
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