Mac airports on the fritz
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Can you help me get my Airport Utility to recognise my airports in the condo?

I have 4 airport expresses in my condo. Each of them has speakers attached for wireless audio from iTunes. Recently it got messed up because of interference from my neighbours. In trying to fix it I reset my airports (using the reset button with paper clip while plugging in) and now they are not recognised by the airport utility (they are not found at all, and they have the flashing yellow light).

Here is what I'd like to accomplish if possible:

– refind my airports
– create a wireless network that is super secure (I run mac osx 10.4.11)
– have my itunes always recognise my airports

I'll respond to any questions or advice.

Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: Ok, I'm managing to refind my airports by using a direct ethernet cable to the airport so that it can be found.

However, I'd still LOVE to know how to get rid of the interference from my neighbours. How do I do the following?

– change the channel the airport is located on
– change the MAC settings

Thanks for any help!
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You change the Airport's channel using the utility - I think you might have to switch to advanced mode? Also there is an 'auto' option which will make it pick the clearest channel when you turn it on.
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Best answer: The Auto setting is somewhat useless though, at least with the Airport Express - it really likes to hang as close as possible to Ch6, and can also be a real PITA if you're using them in a bridge, extender, or WDS setup, or with Airtunes (it can sometimes get a little lost if it changes channel mid-stream).

Best off finding the most-free channel (taking into account the inherent overlap in WLAN channels) and setting the channel to that - choose the device in the left-hand frame & hit the "manual" button at bottom, or double-click on the device, and it's under "Airport" (not "Advanced") and the "Wireless" tab.

You can't (easily, AFAIK) change the MAC address on an Airport, and there's no real reason to anyway - it does nothing for interference. You may, however, like to investigate changing the symbol rate and interference robustness settings under the "Airport"-"Wireless"-"Wireless Options" button (Google for details). They don't make much difference, but can sometimes help tweak a crap signal to marginally good, or a marginally good signal to acceptable.
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