You know that book, with the alien blob crystal things?
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What'sThisBook-ForAFriend filter: novel about aliens that are blob-shaped and eventually come in contact with humans?

So it is about an alien race, and they are basically blob things.
The planet has some strange north south resistance where it is easy to go east west but not north south, and if they sit still enough they can crystalize their internal structure (I think it was that they developed some kind of internal support structure that was crystal and eventually they dessicated into just crystal, but there was some force of will involved).
Near the end they make contact with humans and it turns out they are tiny and have very short life spans compared to ours. But basically the book was about the evolution of this species
and their discoveries over time, like being able to walk in a row and only the lead critter had to force the north-south resistance.

Other: it's a novel, I read it a while back (2002 or earlier: I was living in England for a couple years back then and may have read it over there). I think it might even have been a YA novel

Friend is about 30, grew up in Pacific Northwest before joining the Air Force and going to England. I can relay questions and answers :)
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Best answer: That would be Dragon's Egg, by Robert L. Forward.
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Best answer: Dragon's Egg.
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Response by poster: He says that looks right: I told him this place was awesome. Thanks!
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Robert Forward was my Dad, so I guess I'm kinda hot on the subject. :) but he would have been chuffed beyond words to hear your friend had remembered his work, so send friend a handshake from me. :)
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Can I just say Metafilter is so cool? I'm amazed at seeing a "what's this book" being answered by the author's daughter.

I have fond memories of reading that book, probably from 20 years ago; I think my copy disappeared after I loaned it out. It is one of the classics in the world of "hard" SF.
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I know the question's already been answered, but "Dragon's Egg" is one of my favorite books of all time. The sequel, "Starquake," is also excellent, and has the distinction of being one of the most direct sequels ever written -- it starts at pretty much the exact instant Dragon's Egg ends.
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