Where can I find a beard trimmer in New York City?
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Where can I find a beard trimmer in New York City? I specifically want one that takes AA batteries, nothing with a built-in battery and charger.

I'm specifically looking for a beard trimmer that takes AA batteries and can trim down to 2mm. Built-in batteries tend to suck and wear out eventually, making your product useless.

I found the "Braun EP 15" and the "Braun Allstyle", but I'd like to see them in store to make sure they're designed properly.

I called Target in Brooklyn, and nobody knows what's going on there.

If you know of a good store with a variety of beard trimmers and shavers, that would be great.
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Bed Bath & Beyond near Lincoln Center has them.
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Usually a local knife store will be able to give you expert advice.

As a former beard wearer, let me say that I had some bad experiences with my one battery powered beard trimmer. It seemed to have a lower level of power and therfore gradually transitioned from a "beard trimmer" to a "beard yanker" as the batteries spent down. I'd find one that takes a larger number of batteries and make sure they are all fresh.
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CVS and Walgreens have several trimmers. I bought a cheapo Vidal Sasoon trimmer that takes 3 AAs a few years ago and, other than having to coax it into starting a bit, it's served me quite well.

Also you might try ShopLocal.
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I don't know NYC, but my first inclination would be a beauty-supply store (y'know, they sell stuff to barbers and cosmetologists and whatnot).
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Rite Aid has a good one for $23.
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CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade - any of the larger chain drug stores should have them. Kmart at Penn Station or down on Broadway towards the Village would be a good place to check as well.
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In addition to "Every drugstore" I would recommend one of the many Rickys stores.
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Mr. Shoes uses a Wahl Groomsman that we bought at Wal-Mart about 8 years ago for about $10. I don't know if it goes down to 2mm, but it came with a bunch of clip guards. It takes 3 AA batteries and works just fine.
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FWIW: Most cordless trimmers with built-in batteries will still work when plugged into a power source; at least mine does.
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Just bought one at the BBB near Lincoln Center. They have a whole wall of them on the bottom level near the shampoo.
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What is "the BBB near Lincoln Center"? Google can only find a BBB Department Store in New Jersey...
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Bed Bath and Beyond? I got mine at Walgreens.
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I got my beard trimmer at J&R. There is also a BBB in Tribeca.
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I ended up getting another Wahl Groomsman. It works well until it breaks, which my old one did. And it doesn't work with the fatter, higher-capacity NiMH batteries unless you shove something between the V-shaped contact inside, so it doesn't connect to itself.

But, it's pretty good and doesn't have built-in batteries, making it last for a very long time, and doesn't leave you stuck with a dead charger if you've got batteries around.
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