I can haz inspectorz Clauz?
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Trying to remember a European produced sitcom/drama about a (maybe) a spy in World War II Germany.

My memories are very vague:
1) I think I remember the final accident being about defusing a bomb that was possibly on a beach. The bomb explodes but inside are only pamphlets?
2) I think this was produced in England, fairly high budget. Funny but still serious.
3) Maybe it was called "Inspector Claus" or something like that.
4) It was on PBS (channel 13 or 21) in Long Island in the very early 80s.
5) I can't remember if it took place in England or Germany or both.

Any of these details could be wrong. I'm pretty sure it was about WWII and definitely on PBS at the time. I think I remember that it was on after Monty Python was on in the evening.
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Best answer: Private Shulz?
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I think there was a MASH episode about the bomb with the pamphlets.

Otherwise could it be 'Allo 'Allo?
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It's not Goodnight Sweetheart is it? (It's a decade too late, actually - but it's worth seeing!)
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There was an episode of Hogan's Heroes about a bomb with pamphlets.

Otherwise, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Allo 'Allo, as Sutekh mentions, but that looks too late to be your show, as it wasn't on my local PBS stations (northern New England) until the early 90s.
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The bomb stuff makes me think of "Danger: UXB", which aired on some PBS stations in the early 80's. None of the other stuff matches up, though.
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Best answer: Private Shulz that the cuban suggests sounds right - isn't he trying to escape by rowing boat at one point with one of the cannisters of forged currency? Ages since I saw it though.
One of my favourite bits was the way they handled the bilingual bits - all dialogue in English although sometimes the characters are speaking supposed to be speaking German, so that's done as unaccented colloquial conversation, then they'll turn to an English character who's been acting like they can't understand the 'German' dialogue and speak to them in English, which you can tell because they now have a German accent. Not sure if that's at all clear but worked brilliantly on screen I thought and the series is definitely worth your time even if it's not the one you have in mind.
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Response by poster: I believe Private Schulz is it...I think I'm mixing together a couple of different plots from different shows. I do think I remember the scene in the rowboat.


ps accident=episode!
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