WTWW you can find videos of great speeches, lectures or conferences people give -- usually in academic settings?
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Quick -- WTWW (What's that website where?) question -- WTWW I can get lots of academic lectures, conferences, speeches on video. I remember seeing a talk from Joel Stein at Stanford upon it once and I saw all the great lectures and talks that were housed there. Of course, now I can't remember the site.

Any help would be appreciated. Of course, I know plenty of sites house academic lectures.....but this one was different......it seemed really professional and seemed to pick good content. It was definitely a video housing type site though.....a geeky hulu. My googlefu is not working. Thanks.
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I'd guess TED talks? Even if it's not, check it out - it's a great site.
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html-fu fail: www.ted.com
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Best answer: You might be looking for fora.tv, "The Smart Network", which seems to fit your general description, and has a video of Joel Stein.

First thought was www.ted.com, but I didn't see anything there by Joel Stein.
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If you like TED talks and FORA.tv, also try Academic Earth and PopTech.
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I know it's not this (I'm guessing TED), but I'm going to throw out Youtube EDU for more lecture videos.
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Maybe check out this post from the green previously. I can give a huge thumbs up to Gresham College website that has provided me with many a lecture to listen to on my commute and who have been giving lectures in one form or another for the past 400 years. Enjoy.
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Response by poster: Thanks ffej -- that was it. Not sure why I was not able to remember it. The other links are great too. Thanks for the responses. You gotta feel lucky that such talks are accessible to so many in this form.
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Another one is:

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