Need a DC agenda
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Any ideas for a fun/quirky/smart/unusual New Year's Eve function in DC? Failing that, a hangout in DC that's laid-back and fits the above adjectives?
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I'm going swing dancing at the Black Cat with MrsMoonPie. Peaches O'Dell, hipsters, and, yes, Mr and Mrs MoonPie--how can you go wrong?
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I really want to say "Your friend's house" but if that was going to work for you, I'm guessing you wouldn't be asking.

Sadly, I've found that "fun/quirky/smart/unusual" and DC on New Year's don't really go together too well.

Washington Post's Going Out Gurus have a few ideas (also dig through here).

Palace of Wonders is doing their Palace of Wonders kind of thing. May fit your "quirky" and "unusual" requirements. I don't know how relaxed it will be, however.

Last year, I ended up at Stetsons (a friend was meeting friends there) and it didn't seem like a good idea to me at first, but it actually ended up being a lot of fun -- very relaxed and not annoying. May not quite be what you want, though.

If we ever figure out where we're going, I'll send you a message.
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Stetsons is great, though it may get a bit crowded for NYE (which I suppose is true everywhere).
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i had a great time hearing the Seldom Scene at the Birchmere a few years ago. Course you have to like bluegrass.
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