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Bidet - the best reasonably priced one, and do I need a new toilet with a built-in one?

My back is getting old and creaky, and I have trouble cleaning myself after defecating. A bidet seems to be the solution, but the prices run from $30 for a kitchen-sink nozzle on a hose to over $5,000 for a Japanese combination toilet/bidet with fans, a heater and a top that opens automatically when you walk up to it.

Is there a really good bidet that replaces the toilet seat? Or are they all awful, so I should go into the $thousands$ for one integrated into a new toilet? (I don't have room for separates.)

Many thanks for the wisdom of others who are aging with less grace than we thought we would.
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All I can say is that you're making the right decision. My moms house has one and its great. Outs is a Japanese combination toilet bidet thing called a Washlet by the brand Toto. It has a heated seat and warms up the bidet water too. Has a variety of different spray directions. Love using it to clean up even though I am not old. Everyone who comes over thinks its weird until they try it and then they're sold. Good luck finding the one for you!
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Major bidet advocate here: I have this $60 easy add-on to a conventional toilet model and my wife and I both think it is the best purchase we made last year (I even bought a few of them for friends and family as gifts). It gets rapidly more complicated/expensive if you desire hot water, heated seat, etc. Personally, I don't mind the cold water splash. I still have to blot dry with a wad of TP so if you are incapacitated, maybe you need a more thorough system. But this simple little thing seriously changed my life.
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Another Toto Washlet owner here. It's just a replacement for your standard toilet seat; you have to hook up to a power source (plug into an outlet) and hook into your toilet's water supply, so you don't need to purchase and install a whole new toilet. My favorite feature is the heated seat but the various cleansing spray settings do come in handy as well. It has a remote control to adjust the angle, pressure, and temperature of the water. And it has a built-in blow dryer.
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I bought a portable bidet several months ago and it's my favorite purchase of the year. You really don't need something very expensive to get the job done. Mine was $30 and works like a charm.
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Toto washlet owner here as well. They're fantastic. We have the mid-range one which was around $600 if I remember correctly. We had to add an outlet that was close enough to the toilet, but other than that it was a very simple installation.

Be sure to reference the toto's size guide when selecting. You can get "round" or "elongated" depending on the shape of your existing toilet.
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I can't see myself able to relax while sitting bare-arsed on a wet electrical appliance, so I'd go for the separate. But maybe I'm just old-fashioned.
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i was inspired by this thread (and my chapped ass) to pick up a Luxe Bidet MB110 (, very easy to install, and my initial impression is that it's pretty spiffy. note that you'll want to have teflon tape around for the installation.

i also think that the highest pressure setting might double as a waterjet cutter, but i will probably try adjusting the supply valve to mellow that out a bit.
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