Is there a social networking app for Macs that does more than Tweetdeck?
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Is there an app for Macs that will allow me access to my Twitter, Facebook and MySpace feeds all at once INCLUDING the Facebook and MySpace instant messaging chatting with online friends? I've been using Tweetdeck which is awesome, but I would like the added feature of being able to chat directly with my online friends via the chat client.
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Socialite is the closest thing you'll find, and it doesn't support MySpace. So, sadly, the answer to your question is no.

If it helps, Adium supports both Facebook IM and MySpace IM.
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Doesn't Digsby do this?
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How about combination of Flock and Meebo? You should just keep a single Flock window open connected to your Twitter, FB and MySpace feeds on the left and a tab with Meebo always open on the right. Not really an application like you want, I know, but if that's all you used it for that might work out (i.e. keep using your other web browser of choice and only use Flock for Meebo/socialnetworks.
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Er, could, not should. :)
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The Adium Beta does just this, but is beta, so ymmv.
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Digsby is not available for the Mac.
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