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I'm looking for a very specific cheap, crappy hairbrush. Can you help me find it?

When I was a kid, Woolworths used to sell cheap little kits of plastic brushes and combs, and the brushes were absolutely perfect for detangling my hair in the shower. When they went out of business, I was still able to find the brushes at the dollar store occasionally. However, I haven't been able to find one in a few years, and the ones I have are close to wearing out.

Photos here and here.

Basically, it's a molded plastic brush, all one piece. It came in a bunch of colors. The bristles aren't separate from the handle. It's vented, and the bristles are straight without those annoying little balls on the ends. The handle is flat with grooves in it.

I've looked on Google Shopping and on Ebay. I've tried every alternative brush I could find that was even close. None came close to the awesomeness of this particular cheap, crappy brush. So I'm not looking for alternatives; I'm looking for this particular, formerly ubiquitous, cheapo hairbrush. It may be available in a kit with a bunch of combs and other stuff; I'm perfectly willing to buy the other stuff in order to get my hands on more of these brushes.

Does anyone know where I could find more of these? Thanks!
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Have you tried the brush/comb section at a basic drugstore, like RIteAid or CVS? I feel like I see those all the time there, but of course I am not quite as obsessed as you so I'm not sure if theirs have the little balls on the end.
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I have seen these at my local CVS. If it's not in the hair-stuff section, look in the trial/travel size bins.
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I think the search term you need is vent brush.
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Geez, I feel like I've seen these at every drugstore and Sally Beauty Supply.
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Response by poster: Yes, I look every time I'm in a drugstore, Target, K-Mart, beauty supply store, dollar store, or any other store where brushes are sold. Everything I've found at those stores in the last 5 years has been wrong. My best friend has also been looking in her city, 500 miles away, and has similarly struck out. They all have the little balls on the ends, or the bristles aren't pliable enough, or they get stuck in my very thick hair.

Believe me, if this specific brush weren't important, or if it were easy to find, I wouldn't be asking. I feel pretty silly burning a question on this.

I know I'm not supposed to use a question to get people to run errands for me, but if any of you who have seen these might be willing to pick up a few dozen for me, I'd pay you. But it has to be the exact same brush!
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It looks sort of like a Goody molded vent brush. Goody makes many different hair products.
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Best answer: I found the manufacturer. If you are serious about these brushes, it looks like they can be purchased by the case. American Comb
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I too live by this brush. I've had the same one for 20 years and have trouble finding similar ones. Thank you for posting.
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Response by poster: biggity, that's it! I knew AskMe would come through. I've emailed them to ask about purchasing. Thanks so much!

(Just out of curiosity, to improve my search skills, how did you find it?)
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Response by poster: Well, the smallest number I can buy from that company is 304, at $.35 apiece, so I don't think I'm going to do that. The guy I talked to also mentioned that they've discontinued the model, so I may be out of luck. But if anyone happens to come across one, I'll pay for it!
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