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Has anyone purchased suits from or any other online bespoke/made-to-measure outfits? How did you like them? How did they hold up?
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I haven't bought a suit from them (yet), but I know the founders of the company as well as local folks (including investors) who have bought and wear the suits, and I would trust that they produce a quality product.
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I got a suit and shirt from them 6 months ago, and am completely impressed with the quality and service. Then again, it's my first 'not off the rack' suit, so I can't say too much with any authority.
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Many people I know own and wear their suits with pleasure. As I do not own any of their items, I can not speak from personal experience. I do, though, strongly trust the opinions of those people I know that are repeat customers of Indochino.

I can, however, personally (and highly) recommend suits from made-to-measure/online outfit Thick as Thieves. If you are looking for some serious, business appropriate attire, Thick as Thieves may not be right. However, if you are looking for a very well made, fashion forward yet classically styled suit at an unbeatable price, they are great... I own dozens of MTM, OTR and bespoke suits, and for the money TAT is one of the best I have found.
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My husband (EnsignLunchmeat is MeFi handle) has purchased 2 suits from, a outfit out of Thailand. One of them was his wedding suit. The fit is great, and he plans on buying a few more in the future. He does say that it would be best to order fabric samples if you have the time; he found the fabrics to be little thinner than expected. (Though for a Southern wedding in a black suit, he found that the lightness was actually a good thing.) He also says that the button selection is a little small. Overall, though, for the price, he was quite impressed.
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