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Suggestions and thoughts regarding a webcam and a GPS for my elderly father-in-law? more inside.

Buying my father-in-law a couple of toys: a GPS, and a webcam. He's got a reasonably contemporary Vista PC, well maintained. I have noticed GPS units on clearance at under $100 and figure the market is mature enough to ensure feature parity and reasonable build quality across anything available new in box. My assumption is similar with regard to webcams - I'm thinking any USB2 model will do as long as it has an onboard mic. My plan is to just swing by RadioShack and pick from what's in stock. I come here seeking caveats, warnings, or specific model suggestions for both a webcam and an in-car navigation-assistant style GPS unit. Have at it!
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I've always been very happy with the Logitech and MS webcams. I don't know if they carry those at the Shack, though. I'd recommend the QuickCam Orbit for desktop users, although it's a little pricey I suppose - a bit over $100.
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Does your FIL only drive in his area or does he travel a lot? This matters because some (older) GPSs don't have the entire US (or North America) pre-installed and you have to hook it up to the computer to get different maps on it. I'd highly recommend getting one with all of the US on it if possible.

Also, does he want to have traffic updates (is he in a large city?) and gas prices? That feature is quite useful in cities?
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PS. YMMV, but I'm not impressed with Radio Shack's selection on anything.
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Just a caveat about Logitech. They make a good product, but their Customer Service (sic) is really terrible. I had a problem with a mouse (one of 4 Logitech components we owned) and it took them three weeks to answer the first email to their CS location, four attempts to get them to acknowledge that we had done all of the "fixes", mail at my expense to their location and another week to get the promised replacement mouse back. Not good if you really need to use the device.
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Best answer: Also, you might want to check out this guy's site regarding webcams. I think it might be his life's work!
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Response by poster: Thanks folks.
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