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I'm throwing a New Year's Eve party in NYC this year. To try and address some of the complaints from last year, we've added an extra bar, currently described to guests as a "mystery bar" as we were still deciding what to serve at this "side" bar.

The additional "bar" will actually just be a table off to the side staffed with a bartender. What are some creative ideas for drinks or themes for this "mystery bar"? Some ideas we were bouncing around include having it be a dedicated champagne bar or specialty shot bar. Obviously, the drinks will need to be feasible without the benefit of a full bar (certain mixers, draft beer, etc.), so that somewhat limits our options.
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it could be hot bar or fire bar or something and u could serve only en flambe stuff.
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Bubbly bar would be fun (champagne, prosecco, cava, other sparkling wines).
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One liquor. Say a bourbon. A few fancy drinks, all of which are made of bourbon. An Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, and a Mint Julep. Or whatever. (and then also, rocks, straight up, etc).

If you invite me to your party, I'll give you the recipe to one of my favorite inventions, the Department of Housing and Bourbon Development.
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How about a "candy bar?" You could have drinks that all taste like candy. Some ideas here.
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Crap. Ideas here.

Stupid fingers.
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Well for champagne, you can do a flight bar (or wines or martinis, etc) too.
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Response by poster: Stormpooper (great name)--what's a flight bar? And Jon_Evil, you're welcome to come to the party--Mefi mail me if you want more details. That goes for everyone else, as well (although I didn't intend for this to be an advertisement for my party).
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Mystery bar indeed - make a pitcher of some relatively obscure drink and have people guess the name. (or trt to list all ingredients).

They can write it on a slip of paper and you can read all the guesses to the crowd.

A good opportunity to give funny prizes.

My second idea - drinks from famous mysteries - novels or movies.
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As a stakeholder in the outcome of this question, my vote is going with bilabial here. Mystery drink/guessing game. But make it tasty.

If that doesn't work, well, I'm always a sucker for bourbon.
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Best answer: Champagne cocktails. Not that I'd want to dissuade someone from having a bourbon bar, but it seems thematically appropriate for New Year's.
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How about a couple of kinds of punches or sangrias? Since they're made ahead, you don't have to worry about access to the specific kinds of mixers involved.
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Something like Pimm's Cup only, so that when they ask what it is and you tell them, they're still like wtf?
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Best answer: I would imagine a flight bar is where you get a "flight" of drinks (usually four) that are suited for each other, on a platter. Different champagnes, wines, or beers are sometimes served this way at fancy places.

Actually, a good flight could be different champagne drinks (e.g. Champagne Coctail, Mimosa, Black Velvet, and Ritz Fizz). More ideas here.
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Jon_Evil: you can come to my party in exchange for the drink recipe. I love Bourbon.
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Ignore the following advice if you are throwing a nice party.

Go to a hardware store and get some brand new pest control insecticide sprayers. Make a large quantity of fruity alcoholic cocktail (hurricanes, jungle juice, etc.) and fill the sprayers. When patrons approach the bar, ask them to close their eyes and open their mouths. Spray liberally.
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A couple of the things I wanted to suggest are already here in some variation:
1) the chocolate bar - specializing in chocolate wine, chocolate beer, anything with cocoa liqueurs, etc.
2) the ?? bar - come up with something tasty for your party, and turn it into a name-this-drink bar and contest. This is along the lines of the obscure-drink-naming posted above. Last time we did this at a party, we ended up with a pink creamy girly thing under the name Pink Bowtie. Makes your party live on, especially if the drink is particularly good.
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Ice luge? (The link is just one on Amazon, call your local ice sculptor.)
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For New Years Eve, Champagne (or other sparkling wine of your choice.) You might also do a specialty cocktail too that involves champagne.
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