Help me troubleshoot Okawix (offline Wikipedia)!
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TroubleshootingFilter: Can anyone help me troubleshoot Okawix (an offline Wikipedia reader) on the Mac, or as a last resort, recommend me a different offline Wikipedia reader?

The Software: Okawix 0.7 is an offline wikipedia reader for the Mac. Good idea with a few bugs.

The Bugs: 1. The most important bug is that I can't get it to do anything when I search. At this point I have a working copy of the English wikipedia but you can't look any articles up without trying to click randomly through wikipedia until you get there (Want to find out about Apples? Try Culture-->Cooking-->Food-->Fruits-->etc.)
2. Bug #2 is less significant, but I can't, for the life of me, determine where it stores its preferences, so if I change the settings in Okawix and mess something up, even deleting the app and reinstalling doesn't seem to undo the damage.

Background: This was an attempt at a Christmas gift for my mother in law, who lives in Pennsylvania and only has dialup. I have a (non-searchable) copy installed on her computer. I'm no longer in Pennsylvania, and will be troubleshooting this remotely. Ideally any solutions we come up with here can be walked through on the phone, but if I have to, I can set up a working copy on a DVD and mail it to her.

The Goal: English Wikipedia, offline, working and searchable on her computer.

I haven't had much luck finding any support online. I've posted to their blog and sourceforge seems fairly inactive. Also, might I be able to get this working in Linux or something on her Mac as a last resort?
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Response by poster: Sidenote: I've been troubleshooting by trying to get search working on one of the small wikipedia translations, like Kongo (~600kb instead of 7.5gb)
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Best answer: It puts some configuration files in (Your Home Directory)/Library/Application Support/Okawix. You should delete that whole Okawix folder before trying a reinstall.
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Response by poster: Alrighty, #2 solved, thanks! (Could have sworn I looked there!)
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