I need help naming my blog.
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I need help naming my blog.

I'm doing something a bit new, a bit random. I'm basically a high school senior who is taking on some friends with me to create a group blog on everything - mainly sports, entertainment, news, politics, etc.

I originally thought of hosting this blog on my domain and then just outsourcing my friends' posts as guest posts. Then it struck me it might just be a good idea to put all of our work together on its own site.

Ideas I'm hovering towards involving the phrase "Vox Populi", "Hive Mind", or "Groupthink". However, finding an open domain with those in there is a very hard thing to do. I want to emphasis the collaboration aspect, and possibly to a lesser degree the fact we're teenagers, and soon we'll be college students.

Thanks in advance!
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Make it a riff off a favorite song/movie (perhaps teenage in theme). Don't worry about it "making sense". That's over-rated.
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Manylittlevoices.com is available.
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I always thought Muck & Mire would be a good name for a blog.
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Best answer: FutureAlumniOfAmerica.com (in the vein of ironic self-importance)... and it's available...
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Response by poster: I post too much on my own questions so I promise this is it for the night.

Jake is on the right path. I'm trying to stay away from the teenager aspect because I'd like to keep this blog past high school (only 160 days left of that, roughly) and possibly even beyond college. I know that teenagers writing it is a major point, but I don't want it to be the focal point.

I like "Muck & Mire" though it certainly has a high possibility of being misunderstood and easily critiqued for its similarity to another word ending in "uck".
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Flotsam and Jetsam
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Best answer: On Your Lawn
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Whatever you do, don't use "zeitgeist" anywhere. One of the most overused trendy words of 2009.
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Response by poster: @TheSecretDecoderRing: Funny you say that. I was considering it, seeing as it fit in with the other ideas, but once I put it in a URL, I just lost interest in it.

I'm marking this resolved. I didn't want to go with a teenager-based theme at first, but two ended up winning me over: "Future Alumni of America" and "On Your Lawn".

After a few hours of thinking, I'm going with "On Your Lawn". If we focused the blog more on the educational system, Future Alumni would be perfect, but I think "On Your Lawn" is exactly what we're going for.

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Morning Song by Alan Dugan

Look, it’s morning, and a little water gurgles in the tap.
I wake up waiting, because it’s Sunday, and turn twice more
than usual in bed, before I rise to cereal and comic strips.
I have risen to the morning danger and feel proud,
and after shaving off the night’s disguises, after searching
close to the bone for blood and finding only a little,
I shall walk out bravely into the daily accident.

I always thought The Daily Accident would be a good blog title.
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Your choice is wise and shows unexpected maturity beyond your years.
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"Substantial Fascinator" was going to be the name of my next band but your blog can have it for free.
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