Things to do with 4 days in San Diego?
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Me and a couple of friends are going to San Diego from Dec 30 - Jan 3rd. Any suggestion for what to do?

We already know about the Star Bar and that place is totally our speed. Other than that we pretty much don't have any plans. We'd like recommendations for bars along those lines.

Additionally we'd be to know about any indie, industrial, goth, post-punk, elctro or rock shows or club nights (a place where we could hear Wire, Nitzer Ebb, LCD Soundsystem and Siouxsie and the Banshees in one night would be perfect).

As far as museums more "cultural" things I think Google has us covered on those so unless you know of something really out of the way we are good on that front.

We'll be staying in downtown (in the Gaslamp district) so things in that area would be perfect but we aren't opposed to getting on the bus/ train /cab /whatever to check out something that seems interesting or fun.

Finally for Sunday we need a place to see if the Saints completely botch the last three games of the season. We'd like a bar with NFL ticket so we can watch the game. The less obnoxious the better.

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Take a ride to North County on The Coaster. In January, the weather will be warm(ish) and crystal clear. You can go up to Encinitas, Carlsbad, or all the way to Oceanside. Encinitas would be a nice day-trip. Funky little town, pretty beaches. Bars to watch sports in.

North County is one of the pretty places in all California.
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There are clubs that have goth/industrial nights, but I don't know for sure if there's an actual, full-on goth club in town. I dated a goth enthusiast for a little bit, so I do know that there's a place on Kettner called the Kava Lounge that she and her buddies would go to fairly often. It's really close to a trolley station, but is a couple miles northwest of downtown. There used to be a place on 30th called Shooterz that had a goth night called Sabbat, but the place has changed ownership and style.

Just a couple blocks south from that (still on Kettner, at Laurel) is the Casbah, which is the premier underground rock club in San Diego, and I've actually seen Wire play there. It'll depend on who's playing as for how close the vibe is to your sensibilities that night.
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Sabbat is now at The Flame in Hillcrest (you can take a cab from downtown). It is on the 2nd and 5th Saturdays of the month, and special occasions. They will be hosting a New Yeer's Eve bash...see for details. It is the longest running goth club in San Diego, and the better attended of the clubs around town.

There is a more industrial leaning club called Therapy at the Bacchus House on the 4th Saturday of the month. It's located in North Park, also not far from downtown. The Bacchus House is a gay club, so the clientele may reflect that.

You might want to get out of downtown if you're looking for the more alternative clubs. The Gaslamp is mostly for tourists. Hillcrest/North Park/South Park/Normal Heights are your areas.

There is a great coffeeshop in Normal Heights called "Lestat's" you might to check out.

The Casbah is great for shows...but attracts a very hipster-centric crowd. Pabst abounds.

If you'd like more ideas, you might want to check out

Have fun!

*A note - North County is generally more surfing communities...not many clubs, if that's what you're seeking. And the locals go to bed early so they can get up early and catch waves.
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