Come take my fridge, Toronto government employees!
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A short while ago I saw an ad on Toronto subways, probably put up by the city, about a program where they come into your apartment and remove an unwanted fridge. I visited the site for it but didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it and have an extra fridge in my living room. It is not this site, but was one where you fill in a form and submit and they set up an appt to come by. Anyone know the site?
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I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for. Not sure if that is who I called two years ago in Ottawa, but it was a good experience. Simple, and they didn't mind dragging it up and out of the basement.
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Yeah, sunshinesky linked to the program you're probably thinking of (I know that Toronto Hydro has been flogging it, too.) Keep in mind that there are size limits and the appliance has to work.
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Yes, that's it. Thanks!
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Glad I could help!
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