Converting .SND Files
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Need a cheap way to convert .SND to .MP3 files.

I'd never even heard of .SND files until today -- and I only have a handful of'em that need to be converted (ie: so I wanna avoid commercial solutions as much as possible -- if possible). Most all of my media players and sound software choke on'em. Audacity threw a fit. Nero never heard of'em either. Windows will play'em, but won't convert anything (as far as I can tell).
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Googling brings up this. There's a free version, but no indication of if it's limited in some way.
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GoldWave can do this. It has batch processing for format conversion, and is shareware.
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SoX can also do this - free, open source & cross-platform.
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Anyone have any recent experience with WinAmp? I kinda dumped it when I started relying on iTunes and such -- now I'm wondering if I should go back. I know it reads .SND. I suspect it can output to to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc ... though maybe it needs a special plugin.
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If using WinAmp, go to preferences -> output and select the diskwriter plugin. This will route the output to a WAV file instead of to the sound card. You can then convert that WAV file to mp3.
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"SoX" is looking mighty nice -- albeit a bit intimidating. Will try the WinAmp solution as well. That procedure sounds vaguely familiar.
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Hmmmm ... WinAmp solution not working. WinAmp needs a specific plugin for .snd -- and it claims my file isn't a true .snd, so I'm screwed for the moment. Nonetheless, I'm glad I downloaded it again.

Will check on SoX a bit later.
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Try Media Convert which shows .snd in their drop-down.
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Media Convert works like a charm! Thanx ... this one is handy to bookmark regardless of my current project.
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Is this the .snd plugin you have? It seemed to work for my few .snd files.

Side note - I was always impressed by WinAmp's blazingly fast Diskwriter feature. There were times when I forgot I had it turned on, then loaded some huge playlist, only to have my HD filled seconds later with WAV files. That thing is scary fast.
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