a small piece of space needed
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Any suggestions for finding artists studio space in Queens, NY--either Long Island City or Sunnyside/Woodside?

I'm looking for a small space 200 squ feet or so or a shared studio in Queens--I've looked at some of the big LIC artists spaces but am looking for something reasonably priced and hoping to get closer to Sunnyside than the city. I'm thinking I should just walk around and knock on doors but figured I'd see if anyone has any thoughts first?
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Space is getting eaten up as landlords realize their property actually has value.

Ask other artists.

Go to the existing spaces and ask around there. See who's posting notes for studio space.

Craigslist. Post this there. but for the love of god be more specific as to how much space and how much you're looking to pay.
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Response by poster: more specifics: 200 or less squ feet(as listed above) and I would like to pay less than 400. I would like to pay a lot less than 400 but have no idea what it goes for.

yes, I'm talking to artists and looking at craig's list but I was hoping for feedback from people who have/know of spaces.
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I tried this. You are going to have an extremely hard time (probably impossible) finding such a space at that price. And you'll find that you dont get very far knocking on doors. Better Sunnyside than LIC, and better further east than Sunnyside, frankly. Your absolute best bet is to find someone else with a space and share, or come up with an arrangement to split the days. One idea I had awhile back was to try to rent part of the basement of a commercial or residential building, but that's hard to do other than through your own contacts.

NYC studio space is expensive, probably because it gets rented out into illegal apartments whenever possible. Sorry I don't know any specific spaces -- best of luck.
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Response by poster: found it! in case anyone else is looking and needs hope--I found 192 square feet for 400.
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