A nice long soak.
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Where can me and my boyfriend go for a weekend break within 2 hours (or so) drive from London (UK) that has a big bath, a hot tub, or similar.

Me and my man love bathing together but unfortunatley this is impossible in our pokey flat. Were can we go and have a good, long, private soak? Im thinking essential oils, a bottle of wine, and some splishy splashy fun.

Anything under say...£200 per night, pluses include relaxing atmosphere, promise of a sound or entertainment system for our use, maybe somewhere that has the option of a massage or treatment also.

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My parents have eaten but not stayed at the Glen-yr-Afon House Hotel in Usk:

"27 elegant and fully fitted bedrooms enjoy wonderfully large baths"

Should you be able to drag yourselves out of the bath ;-), there are lots of wonderful walks, great fly fishing and various museums.

It's a tiny bit more than 2 hours* but well worth the drive. Have fun!

* London to Usk:

Total Distance: 142.06 mile(s), 228.62 km(s)
Estimated journey time of: 2 hour(s) 34 minute(s)
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Check out Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton. Friends had a wedding party in the Play Room & the bath was bloody enormous. As was the bathroom. And the rest of the suite.
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{You might be better off getting the train to Brighton.}
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Look on the Mr and Mrs Smith site.

The daddy of them all is Babington House. Chewton Glen is apparently lovely too. You'll find others within easy reach of London on the link above.
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