Help me with this Korean War era, U.S. Navy acronym.
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Does anyone know what this acronym stands for, from a U.S. Navy training center in San Diego in 1952? I think it's BFGC or BTGC.

When I was cleaning my sister's house, I found a portrait of my dad with his fellow trainees in 1952. Unfortunately, the portrait hasn't been taken care of and has been bent, torn, and scotch taped. I've scanned it in and my uncle is going to see what he can do to repair it in Photoshop, but there are some handwritten white letters at the bottom of the portrait -- they were apparently written on the negative. It's all pretty clear except for four letters after the commander's name, plus there's a large, scotch taped tear through the letters. I've googled for about an hour and can't find anything for either possibility. It says:
13 MAY, 1952
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Battle focused training center?
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Navy vet here

BT would mean Boiler Technician, the C would mean Chief (as in Chief Petty Officer), the G I am not sure of..but it would be a subset of the BT rating...his specialty within BT rating

CO. Cmdr, that means he was in charge of training new recruits, lor an "A" school training new BT's

hope that helps
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BTG is a subspeciality of BT, or Boiler Technician. The C means Chief Petty Officer which is an E7. Take a look at this website: USN Ratings
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Oh, disregard mine. Wrong first letters.
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ah wait..I might have misread, seems he might have been IN the class. sorry
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In this case it means:

Company Commander, G.D. Basista, BTGC (Chief, Shipboard Boiler Technician)
United States navy Training Center, San Diego, California
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Response by poster: Wow! Thanks! A quick question on Ask MeFi and I get more than I got with 30 minutes of googling!
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