Did Bo know typing?
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If you're "of a certain age," you probably remember that "Bo knows football." And he knew a lot of other stuff, too. But I'm not really interested in all that. What I am interested in is that Bo also knew typing. You know?
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Is this a question?
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I'm pretty sure that "Bo Knows Typing" ran in The New Yorker, concurrent with the whole "Bo Knows" phenomenon, and it was a fantastic bit of writing. I've searched, I've googled, I've looked high and low. I've even given up. But now I'm back.

Do I have the name wrong? Perhaps. Was I dreaming? I doubt it. Will I ever read it again? Who knows. AskMinistrator, please hope me!

On preview: It is now. (You beat me to the "more."
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Bo Knows Fiction? David Racine, The New Yorker - 1991?
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I have his biography "Bo Knows Bo," written with Dick Schaap. I'd guess that Schaap did most of the typing.
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Oh. Well, that was easy. Thanks.

I am an idiot, apparently.
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Aiyyo Bo knows this (what?) and Bo knows that (what?)
But Bo don't know jack, cause Bo can't rap...

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"Bo Knows Fiction," from what I know of it now (still have yet to actually read it again), isn't necessarily the most well respected piece of writing, but the opening of the piece really got me when I first read it. Great imagery.
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Act like you know Rico
I know what Bo don't know
Touch them up and go, oh oh

Ah, the lyrical genius of Ini Kamoze... Thanks for reminding me of that Specklet.
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i would think that a university football coach like bo schembechler would know typing ... he knew baseball, too
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