should i buy mass effect?
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steam has mass effect for $20. is it worth buying and playing now?
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It's not worth buying anything on Steam right now until either it becomes a daily deal or the 3rd rolls around and you can be sure it won't be discounted (further).
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Response by poster: lol. yeah, been there, read the reviews. i'm a games reviewer too. but never played mass effect and wondering whether, a year on, and with mass effect 2 coming, whether it was worth forking out 20 bucks for.
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Oh wait, it's not even discounted right now. Pretty much everything on Steam is on sale. This might be a hint that it will be going on sale, though I can't say for sure.

If you can wait until Mass Effect 2 comes out at the end of next month, it's a good bet it will drop further after that.
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Response by poster: i thought 20 bucks was pretty cheap as it is...
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Best answer: Yes. It's a great game, and it's not exactly ancient (i.e., you won't think it looks/plays like a retro title) -- and the character you create now, assuming you finish the game with him/her, will transfer into the ME2 world.
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FYI, Torchlight (pretty excellent diablo clone) is $4.99 on steam right now, an incredible deal.
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What ellF said.
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If you like other Bioware titles (Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age Origins, Baldur's Gate), it's similar.

It's very well done, very pretty, and best enjoyed for Bioware's specialties: character interactions, voice acting, and romance. Plus it's great if you like Star Trek and always wanted your own spaceship.

I found the combat a little disappointing... the weapons seem too much alike-- and the moral choices a bit bland. But it's still a worthwhile game.
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It was absolutely worth the $5 I paid for it a few weeks ago on Direct2Drive. Having played it, I would say it would have been worth $20 to me (although without such hindsight, I might have scoffed at paying that). I am now eagerly anticipating my pre-ordered copy of ME2...!
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Oh heck yes buy it now. I freaking love that game, and your character will transfer over to Mass Effect 2 with all the implied effects on the plot and such (though you'll be allowed to switch classes if you start hating your choice by then). If you bother with the all the sidequests and achievements and such that game is going to keep you busy for weeks, or if you skip them and just do the main quest and the Bring Down the Sky DLC quest you've got a trim little weekend romp through the galaxy. It's probably the best game I've played in the last year (bought it in June).
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It's a great game with decent graphics that are not too dated. It's more shooter/action oriented than Knights of the Old republic.

If you have the option, I'd strongly recommend the XBox360 version. Having played both the PC and XBox versions, the game really plays better on the console. (not framerate/graphics , but interface/controls)
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If you have a multi-platform game such as this, there is a very likely chance that it'll have the Xbox 360 controls mapped verbatim for the PC version. If you have a 360 controller just plug it in and go. XP requires a driver, Vista and 7 have it built in.
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I got it from the EA site for $9.95 a few weeks ago. I'm sure it will get cheaper as ME2 gets closer to its release date.
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It's a great game and worth buying for $20, yes. I'm one of the few that has recorded all of the Mass Effect main story cinematics and a little gameplay (26 videos x 10 min) so that it watches like a movie. I think the voice acting is pretty good, and this was the first over-the-shoulder 3rd person game I could actually get into (having tried a dozen others and hating it) without feeling like the character's butt monkey.

This page (super ultra turbo spoilers) suggests that a lot of significant story decision-elements get transferred from ME1, but not your character level -- although having a level 60 (max) character to transfer is speculated to have some unspecified bonus. You'll be able to change your character class, though, if you like. My guy is level 47-ish, so looks like I better get busy ^_~|/
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(Part 1 of 26) ^_~
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Make sure you check other sites before buying it over Steam. Steam had Lost Via Domus for $19.99, and I found it (brand new) on Amazon for < $6.
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It's $5 today on Steam.
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Response by poster: awesome! after all the fantastic answers here i was all set to buy, then got distracted and now it's 5 bucks for one day on steam. SO going to buy it.

thanks everyone!
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