Puerto Rico for the Ladies
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Help 3 lady writer/artists plan a budget-friendly Puerto Rico vacay!

My two closest friends and I are all in need of some serious ladies' hang-out time. We have 5 days in February whittled out to chat, sun, and experience an oxytocin explosion. We've narrowed it down to Puerto Rico or the Yucatan, because our criteria are:

1. Warm, with beaches
2. Easily accessible from Minneapolis and NYC
3. Relatively affordable

Can anyone recommend budget-friendly accomodations in Puerto Rico? Any must-sees? Any suggested itineraries for three friends on a budget?

Thanks a mill!
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i asked a related question last spring, which had lots of helpful tips.

after the fact, i recommend the wind chimes in for lodging and the guided hike of the rain forest. old san juan is great for pictures and a meal, but it's definitely for the cruise crowd.
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There are many small and charming inns in Puerto Rico, and they are quite reasonable once you get outside of the major cities and resort areas. The paradores are a good place to start.

For as small an island as Puerto Rico is, there is a breathtaking variety of beaches and ecosystems. There is just about anything you could want, from a world-class surfing beach (Rincon) to little private roadside spots along the south coast where you can sit under a palm tree and rest your feet in the warm and gentle Caribbean.

As shrimpsmalls noted, the rain forest (El Yunque) is incredible. There are mountain areas with jungles and waterfalls, pineapple plantations, deserts, and everything in between.

Wherever you stay, having a car available will be very helpful so you can explore the countryside. This guide book will point out many attractions, and the locals will be surprised and delighted when you show up!
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Definitely go to Vieques. Very quiet and relaxing, with lots of affordable B&Bs, and houses for rent. (We stayed here) You'll need a car there for sure. i could've easily spent our whole vacation there. Definitely go out to the Bioluminescent Bay if you visit.

San Juan is cool for a day to see the old city and the fort, but otherwise a little crowded and touristy. El Yunque is great, as are Camuy caves.
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I've been to PR and the Yucatan. Yucatan is way more fun and cheaper. Search ask me comments on Tulum.
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If you go to PR, don't miss Vieques (see my AskME). If you only stay one day, do the snorkeling kayak tour with Abe's in the morning (didn't do it, other people said it was great) and the Biobay kayak tour with Abe's at night (did it, it was awesome). When you get there your hotel can give you their phone number.

Also you should fly to Vieques, it was like $90 for a round trip ticket from PR, and it was an awesome flight - an adventure in itself!
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