Rice and ____ Krispies Square
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[RICE KRISPY TREAT filter] can anybody recommend ways to modify the classic rice krispy square recipe?

I'm looking for different things to add to rice krispy squares. I've tried adding shredded coconut and almond slices and both worked pretty well, any other suggestions? (Do I need to change the ratios if I add extra dry ingredients?)

Would also love to hear about other possible modifications/recipes that utilize rice krispies cereal.

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chili pepper powder (+/- chocolate).
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Anything already really sweet sounds like an excellent opportunity for me to add some fresh or powdered ginger and see what the flavors do together.

Also, why not frost them with Nutella?
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I've always loved Peanut Butter Rice Krispies. Here is the recipe at the Rice Krispies website. (the site starts autoplaying sound)
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Some variations I've seen include mixing some peanut butter in; small chocolate candies; drizzling with chocolate. You can substitute other cereals for some of the rice krispies.
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Use Honey Nut Cheerious and/or slight crushed Golden Grahams.
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Cute Sushi style. Also cute wreaths.
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I love these things, but they can be cloyingly sweet, so anything that cuts that is good. Instead of adding chocolate (moar sugar), try adding cocoa powder to your goop mix. It'll cut down the sweetness. Espresso would be nice too.
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Bacon! See this thread...
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Chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, cocoa krispies, etc. can go inside.

Jam, nutella, frosting, peanut butter, honey, etc. can go on top.
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I've made the recipe with other cereals, but some are too hard/crunchy to work well. But a batch made with half rice krispies and half fruit loop-style cereal was a big hit.

Try making a pan and then covering the top with melted chocolate before cutting. Or make a batch, cut into squares, and dip half of each square into melted chocolate.

Spread them out until they're no more than one inch thick, and go to town with cookie cutters.
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You gave me an idea.
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I wasn't sure of the recipe, but I was going to put in my vote for peanut butter treats. They're pretty awesome. Even better if you drizzle them with a little melted chocolate. (Which may or may not be in the official recipe; I haven't looked at it yet.) But they're pretty awesome.
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Yes, this. Put a couple candy canes into a baggie. Whack with a meat mallet or similar until they're crushed into oblivion. Stir pepperminty deliciousness into cereal, stir that mixture into mallow goo. Oh so very very good. *whimper*
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use cocoa krispies!

If you combine this with lhude sing cuccu's idea for peppermint (by adding peppermint extract to the marshmallow creme) you end up with amazing.
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I can't personally vouch for these caramelized brown butter ones, yet. Smitten Kitchen makes them sound so delicious that they're on my to-make list, though. If you try them, report back!
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Wait, wait, NOT those! Those were her mess-up ones. These.
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A few years ago, a friend of mine and I took those little single serving cereal boxes and made as many kinds of cereal treats as we could. We used muffin tins to mold them and then had a tasting session with some friends.

Data: golden grahams and cinnamon toast crunch make great cereal treats.

I'd suggest hosting a krispie treat party to test all the options you come up with here.
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Rice Krispy treats with chocolate and nuts or sprinkles=amazing. I've had it either with chocolate drizzled over the top then toppings, or with the treats dipped in chocolate and rolled in the toppings.

Pieces of heath bars are really good, too.
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I've wanted to try these garam masala rice krispy treats for awhile.
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Peanut butter + curry powder + coconut extract = Thai rice krispie treats!

(Is there a good vegetarian recipe out there? My attempts with using Fluff have been not so successful.)
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I made some with hommade marshmallows that were absolutely amazing. We cut them into 1/2 size squares and dipped them halfway into melted dark chocolate. People loved them.
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The caf at school puts all sorts of fruity/chocolate-y delicious cereals mixed in with the rice crispies (fruity pebbles, apple jacks, coco puffs, reeses puffs, the list goes on...) and let me tell you, college kids LOVE it.
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Try this:

Use Plain cornflakes and green food coloring. Form into wreaths. Add red cinnamon candies for berries.
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I've made the ones that daisyace linked, and they are AMAZING.
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I love Rice Krispy treats but because they are made with marshmallows (gelatin) and I am a vegetarian, I have had to do without. I would love a vegetarian version!
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Hey! Vegan Rice Krispy treats!
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humannaire! You can make them with marshmallow fluff (the stuff you'd use to make a fluffernutter.) Oddly, marshmallow fluff is not made from marshmallows and does not contain gelatin. As long as you eat eggs, you're good to go.
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Daisyace might not be able to vouch for Smitten Kitchen's brown butter version, but after eating most of a batch, I certainly can. SO good.
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Froot Loops. Hell yeah. My friend makes them and they are awesome.
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There is a variation on Rice Krispy squares called puffed wheat cake. I know, cake? But it's made with corn syrup, cocoa and vanilla ... maybe it would be good with Rice Krispies? Or you could branch out to puffed wheat. DO IT!
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Seconding the Smitten Kitchen Brown Butter version. Those sound amazing.
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For a different presentation, cut them into square shapes and use red shoestring licorice like ribbon to tie them up like individual packages; around all four sides and a bow on top.
Sprinkle colored non-pariels or jimmies for added color.
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We've made these recently Cinnamon Toast Crunch... they are fantastic!
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I like to make them substituting either Cheerios or Lucky Charms, which impart an extra marshmallow-y goodness. I've also used almond extract in them.

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When I was a kid, my mom would make them for classroom parties. She would cut them into Pac-Man shapes (I was a child of the '80s) with a chocolate chip for the eye. The teacher would get a ghost monster with TWO chocolate chips for eyes, because she was special.

A minor, almost purely aesthetic change to the basic treat, but it increased their awesomeness by an order of magnitude.

Also, years ago Alton Brown did a health food version for Good Eats that I have not tried but have heard good things about.
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Dates! The dates (which may sound yucky alone) do something special to create a chewy-crunchy-sweet combination. With vanilla and pecans...yumminess bliss.

My mom used to make these, and since they were ball-shaped (although you can easily modify the recipe to make squares), she took to calling them "date meatballs". When offered to holiday guests not yet clued in to this Momism, the look of confusion and disgust that inevitably crossed their faces was a source of much merry snickering.

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Smitten Kitchen's salted brown butter RKTs are pretty great, probably because they use more than twice as much butter as the original recipe.

This thread
has some good ideas for savory variations. I can vouch for both the curry powder and pepper+pecan versions.
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Nthing the smitten kitchen salted brown butter ones. I always thought rice krispies treats were blah, even with peanut butter, chocolate or anything else added to them. But the salted brown butter ones.... so unbelievably amazingly good.
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Mincus Crispy Treats - Uses peanut butter and corn syrup instead of Marshmallows - has the bonus that Vegans can eat it!
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Daisyace and several others beat me to referencing Smitten Kitchen and the famous salted brown butter crispy treats, but she also has this recipe that uses Rice Krispy cereal, and also looks amazingly tasty.
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Ok, I had to look for more. This, this, and this all look worthy of trying.
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