Help me name my photography website...please?
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Please help me come up with a name for my photography website.

I would like to try and get some of my prints put up somewhere in Kansas City. I'm no pro, so I'm not talking about nice galleries, but coffee shops or something similar. I want to be able to point people somewhere to look at my work and/or contact me. You know, to put on that little card that is hanging next to my photo.

Other information:
- I'm a web designer/developer so I got making the website covered.
- I already have a flickr account (link in profile).
- I am also going to try and sell on etsy (bonus round: any tips?).
- I am not expecting to make a living from this.
- You can get a flavor of my personality from flickr as well. I upload all my mobile pics to there.

Fun fact:
This is my first question after being a lurker for years and getting my account a couple months ago. Hello everybody!
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It's pretty hard to sell prints on Etsy. There are a ton of talented photographers on that site, so unless you are absolutely the best it's unlikely that you'll make many sales at all. I'm not sure what it costs to post things in an Etsy store, but you might end up losing money.
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The most professional option is to use something containing your first and last name (or the name you work under).
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Btw hey! And for naming suggestions we're going to need more information than that to try and help you.
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After looking at some of your pictures, the first thing I thought of was something like "slice of life." However, is already taken.
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How about "Picture This"?
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As a creative entity, you need to be your own brand. You can start worrying about an alternative name for your company if it expands to include other photographers.
Stick with your name. It's pleasant-sounding enough.
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Name is dull. You need something original and distinctive. I am not your man for either, but I know it to be so.
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anything cutesy like lovelyimages is terrible. is a somewhat frustrating but generally pretty good photography portfolio site that you can use. I would recommend it over spending any time trying to design your own site. I use it.
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As a photographer, I agree with sully75 - anything else sounds cutesy/hobby/photoblog related. (Please note that I'm not saying this is bad - there are some phenomenal photobloggers out there.) You would like to be taken seriously, right? You want people to pay you money to make photos for them, and even if you're not planning on making a living from it, it's money that people worked hard to earn. So take yourself seriously, and use your name. It's more you and your "brand" than some clever phrase could ever be.
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I am a photographer and my site is My email address is
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Thank you all for the suggestions, but I think I wasn't clear enough.

This is for fun. A hobby. I've seen so many people that have art hanging that don't have a website. Some will maybe list an email address. Making websites is what I do, so it seem easy and logical.

The name suggestion is perfect if I wasn't already using it for my tumblr. It acts as a digital portal to all things Damion related (flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Again, thank you fro all the replies.

Hope you're all having a great holiday and are safe if you're stuck in the Midwest Blizzard of 2009.
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