What shampoo should I use after a keratin hair treatment?
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I had one of those keratin/chocolate hair treatments done. What shampoo should I use now?

I didn't want to buy the EXPENSIVE bottle of shampoo they wanted to sell me at the salon, but I also want to get one that will make the effects of the treatment last longer. I've read that I should look for shampoo without _____ (maybe sulfate??). To avoid the whole "pick up a bottle and read ingredients, put down, repeat", does anyone know of a brand of shampoo I can get, preferably at something like a Walmart or drugstore? (I'm in Mexico now but I'll be travelling to Houston in the next few days.)
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L'Oreal has been marketing a sulfate free shampoo called EverPure. Also, most shampoos that you buy at health food stores, Whole Foods, etc., will be sulfate free.
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I'm thinking you probably want to avoid shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a relatively harsh detergent. Most baby shampoos should be ok to use, and will still get your hair clean.
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I follow the "curly girl" (aka "no poo") method which avoids shampoos with sulfates (among other things). From the product reviews at naturallycurly.com, here's a list of 45 sulfate-free shampoos.
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I've done the treatment several times and you'll want to avoid products that contain salt (sodium chloride) as well. I use Creme of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo Regular Formula.
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