Video edit to include only action parts
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What is the easiest way to edit a video file to only include the footage when there is movement in a defined area?
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Final Cut Pro and an intern? Can you be more specific? Kind of hard to understand what you are wanting to do...
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Yeah, I can't think of any software that would automatically detect motion and pull it out. Doesn't mean such things don't exist, but it's a bit of an unusual specfic request.

Best thing I can think of is get a program like Final Cut (or anything where you can watch the video in fast motion) and keep your an eye on the desired area.
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Vitamin D for the Mac can limit recording to only when motion is detected in a defined area.
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I have some background in the field of machine vision, and this task is routinely accomplished using a simple MATLAB script with the appropriate image/video processing toolboxes (1,2,3). Here's an example of motion detection, while limiting the retained frames to those which contain movement in a specific area is also possible.
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