Yoga teacher training ashram in India?
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Looking for a reputable, non-commercial Yoga teacher training ashram in India. Any suggestions?

Posting for a friend:

I am looking for any suggestion for a good yoga teacher training ashram in India that is more traditional and authentic. I am a 25 year old female, so I would like it to be safe. But anywhere I look online has been commercialized and I want to be away from that.

I would prefer to be up north but somewhere off the beaten path, hidden away but still reputable training. I prefer a yoga training in traditional hatha or even some astranga is OK. I have not been through any training for teaching before but I have been practicing yoga for 4 years of all different lineages. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate the direction.

I would like to go anytime between February to April, so the course can last from a few weeks to 3 months. My price is a little thrifty but $1500 (excluding flight) is the most I can pay. I understand that it might be a stretch to ask if any of these places are certified by Yoga Alliance, maybe even an oxymoron but it would be a bonus since I will be going back to the States eventually.

Thanks in advance, Mefites!
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The Yoga Alliance has a search engine that covers schools and teachers in India.
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Response by poster: thanks for the links! My friend was able to find one she really liked.
For future reference, it's the SVYASA , which actually offers college credit. It looks fantastic.
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