Can I buy this DVD from Germany?
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Can you help me buy a DVD from Germany? [more inside]

One of my all-time favourite films is Hear My Song, and I've been searching for it on DVD forever. I finally discovered it has been released in Germany, but the only place I can find to buy it is in German only, so I can't even figure out if they ship internationally. Does anyone know how (or even if) I can get this sent to me here in the UK?
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Oh, and Region coding is a non-issue here, just to save anyone posting warnings.
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The space for countries only lists Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Leichtenstein so maybe not, why not email them ( support @ ) and ask?
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I don't know about the vendor you link to, but seems to have it, and they'd certainly offer international delivery. JPC list this title too: I've ordered stuff (internationally) from them in the past & have had no problems...
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Ordering from shouldn't be a problem, especially if you already have a account. Just put in your email address and password and stumble through the checkout process -- it should be familiar enough that you don't need to understand any of the language. I've had DVDs shipped to the US from, and it worked perfectly.
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I have just ordered it from JPC as per misteraitch's link - their pages are in english too. I don't use Amazon often enough to muddle thgrough in foreign tongues. Thanks to everyone, I can finally replace my almost worn out VHS.

/me does the Happy Dance.
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