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Can you recommend a company for an affordable, one-off library binding?

I would like to rebind a copy of Das Parfum: Die Geschichte eines Mörders with a plain library binding. The binding services I've found online seem to deal in bulk orders. Bonus points if it's in the St. Louis area, but I don't mind shipping it.
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I've recommended Wert to folks before and have never heard a bad thing about them. They do a lot of the books for the library I work for, but in my previous life I had a bookstore, and I referred many an individual to them as well. All seemed very pleased with their work. It's not going to be cheap, but it's great quality. Sorry, they're in PA so you will have to ship your book. Use this page for a quote.
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I use Library Binding in Waco, TX (by mail, I'm in CA) for comics. I think they have a minimum order of $35 or so, but they definitely do one-offs and small orders.

There's also a book binder directory/recommendations/discussion thread here.
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How about stopping by or contacting a few libraries in St. Louis (public and academic) and asking where they get their book bindings repaired? Might give you a few local leads.
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If you strike out locally (and I definitely recommend you try there first), you can MeMail me. I have a small book repair/binding biz out here in MT called The Vespiary. Since MT is so large, I get a fair amount of work shipped to me.
You might also try this guy. I don't know anything about him, but the AIC website lists him as a conservator and he might have better local knowledge.
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