Lost Blackbery info, help!
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Help, I've lost all my address book and appointment calender from my Blackberry!

I have a Blackberry Curve, either an 8300 or 8500. Last week it started acting up, the roller ball wouldn't work, so I got a replacement BB sent to me via RIM. Once I got the new BB, I took my SD cards out and put them in the new BB, packaged up the defective one and sent it on its way.

However, after it was already sent off, I realized that NONE of my contacts, phone numbers or appointments were on the new BB! My pictures and music were, but nothing else! I do not synce the BB with anything, just enter the data directly on the phone.

My entire list of contacts, over 500 people and all my appointments are gone! What can I do to get them back?
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It sounds as if your contacts and appointments are on the original phone, stored in internal memory. That's why you can't find them. I haven't owned a BlackBerry in a while, so I'm not sure if RIM wipes the phone when repairing it or not.
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Unfortunately I'm pretty sure you've lost the info because it was all stored on the memory of the blackberry itself. perhaps you could try contacting RIM about it? I don't know if they have a way to get them to ship out the same malfunctioning phone again though. Try crackberry.com forums to see if anyone else had similar problems. Good luck!
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I'm pretty sure they're stored on the phone. Best you can do is try and get the phone back. If you manage it, I strongly recommend storing your contact list/calendar in a gmail account and using Google sync to keep it sync'd with your BB. For a free service I have found it to be remarkably good.
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On a BlackBerry that information is stored on the phone, not the SD or SIM cards (though you can transfer some info to the SIM). You're most likely out of luck here UNLESS you did a backup of your information via the BlackBerry software (Desktop Manager) that came with your phone. RIM most likely will not be able to get this info to you. Though, you never know. Alternatively, if your contacts, etc are in your Outlook (for example) you can sync your BlackBerry to Outlook and regain some info that way. Sorry for your loss and good luck!
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