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What's it like to be a member of The Union League Club?

I am for several reasons considering ULC membership. Specifically, ULC of Chicago. Me: 40ish professional, whose political views seem tame and ordinary here on Metafilter, yet probably fall well to the left of many ULCC members. I realize that clubs like this tend to attract conservatives--even here in proletariat Chicago--but I've never voted Republican and don't expect that to change. I use the proper forks and hold the correct degrees and etc... But I'm also an atheist, I’ve never been golfing, I live in the city, and I don’t humor matter who their parents were.

Is joining a mistake? Am I likely to meet at least some interesting members that I'll relate to? I'd be grateful to hear from any MeFite ULC or ULCC members, or others with insights or experiences regarding membership in clubs of this type. [p.s. I'm anonymous to avoid linking my professional practice identity with my posting history.] Thank you.
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Very funny. A friend of mine is thinking of joining the Union League Club here in NYC. These kinds of clubs are great networking tools to meet high end, high powered people. Your instinct that these types of clubs would not welcome people on the far left is probably accurate; nonetheless my experience is that most members are relatively benign but certainly more successful than average.

All that said, there is a very definite attitude about these types of clubs. If you don't like it you likely will find its members hard to deal with.
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Just wanted to suggest, if you do join, to take advantage of the reciprocal club agreements when you travel, particularly abroad. The rooms are usually more affordable than a hotel, well situated in the city, and you can have dinner at the club to meet some interesting local people.

I think private clubs are a really underrated resource, particularly when you're young and the membership is cheap. Most clubs are hurting for younger members and can always use someone willing to volunteer time for committees.
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