Will my hair ever be the same?
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Please help me replace my favorite shampoo (Aveda's Sap Moss), which is now discontinued. Have you tried their replacement line (Dry Remedy)? Have you found something better?

I have wavy/curly hair (type 2a or 2b according to this classification). The only way I can get my hair to do what I want is if it can be moisturized without being weighed down. What I loved so much about the Sap Moss shampoo is that I could use it frequently (every other day, and literally for years) and it never left any build-up or made my hair dull. It also left no need for conditioner, which I hate using. Every time I washed my hair, it felt strong and moisturized but not "coated" with anything, if that makes sense.

I'd love feedback from anyone who's used Aveda's new Dry Remedy shampoo (which is the line that replaced the Sap Moss stuff) to see if I would get similar results. I'm hesitant to try it because my hair really isn't that dry, it just likes a little moisture. I've tried the Be Curly line, but it only works well if you use the shampoo/conditioner combo. I do use the Be Curly cream for styling, fwiw.

Also, if you were an avid Sap Moss user (or even if you just have hair like mine) and have found something comparable, I'd love your feedback as well. Is there a similar shampoo out there? I'd love to find a "generic" one that smells and works the same way (Sap Moss had a distinct earthy smell that people either hated or loved), but I think that's probably a long shot.

Thanks for your help!
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H2O's Sea Marine shampoo has the same viscosity. It might do the trick.
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I think you may want to try Godiva shampoo. It is a solid, so I'd recommend also getting a shampoo tin from Lush. What I do is carve off small (1/8 inch) slices from the bar, put them in the tin, and pour boiling to very hot water on top, then stir. Then I put the lid on the tin. Voila, a fantastic and gentle and wonderful smelling conditioning shampoo.
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I'm on the same quest. Nothing is as good as Sap Moss. The Godiva that bearwife mentions is not conditioning enough to be a 2-in-1, despite what the advertising claims.
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Oh, and you can still buy Sap Moss products on eBay.
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I love Organix (in Coconut Milk) for when I don't want to break the bank on shampoo. I've never used it without conditioner, but it makes a noticeable difference in my super dry hair, without buildup (or sulfates!).
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I tried the sap moss before and it was amazing but sooo pricey. Have you considered shampooing with a light conditioner instead? You may also want to try Chagrin Valley shampoo bars.
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I have a lot of thin hair that will go straight or will go curly but has to be coaxed (forced?) into either style. I, too, loved the Sap Moss shampoo. I also loved the Sap Moss conditioner. I tried some other brands when I couldn't get Sap Moss anymore, but I ended up going back to Aveda for the Dry Remedy products. They work slightly better for me than Sap Moss did, but the bottles are smaller and the prices are higher. ::sigh:: I know you said that you're not big on conditioners, but the conditioning mask is especially awesome. I use it now and again for special occasions, and I get compliments on my hair every time I've used it. However, it's so expensive that I think that one of the main ingredients must be something like virgin unicorn blood.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the great answers so far. I'm still open to more, so keep them coming!

I have never found products that consistently work well (and do exactly what they say on the bottle) the way Aveda products do, and I rarely make "luxury" purchases, so I can justify the high price of their stuff. I'm definitely not going the ebay route, though. $160 for the big bottle? Apparently I'm not the only one who buys Aveda stuff like it's crack.

TEA: I may splurge on the mask. I'm only opposed to conditioners in that I don't want the shampoo to necessitate the conditioner, if that makes sense. Good to know the Dry Remedy works well, though!
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When I moved to Europe earlier this year I switched to various Lush solid shampoos and their solid conditioner Jungle from Aveda's Brilliant shampoo/conditioner set, and found that, as much as I liked Aveda, Lush is much easier on my hair, cleans better, smells nicer, and stretches farther for the dollar. I just switched back to my last dregs of Brilliant (my scalp is pretty sensitive and I have to rotate shampoo/conditioner or I get dandruff) and I immediately noticed the difference in how oily my scalp gets between washings.

Of course, not all products from the same brand work the same way -- I just thought I'd mention it.

For the record, though I moved before I got a chance to try them out, I've heard that Trader Joe's of all places has a very nice line of hair care products for the price. We're talking $2-3, IIRC, for a bottle that would cost $13 at Aveda -- worth a try, right?
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My mom absolutely loves Sap Moss shampoo--she's still trying to polish off a large salon bottle of it that I tracked down for her birthday, so the jump to something different hasn't occurred just yet. She tried the new Dry Remedy and hated it so much (the much increased price, the buildup, the fact that it just wasn't the same as Sap Moss) that she wrote to Aveda to express this along with her displeasure over their putting the kabosh on Sap Moss. Unfortunately, the response back was quite generic and indicated that she should try the replacement shampoo, Dry Remedy ("like Sap Moss but EVEN BETTER!"), even though that was the main reason for writing! Clearly Aveda doesn't seem to care about alienating its loyal Sap Moss customers.

With that anecdote out of the way, I too am curious about replacement ideas to pass along to mommy dearest...
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