Ridiculous things to do at Christmas light displays
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I'm organizing a Christmas light convoy tomorrow night. Basically a bunch of cars driving around town visiting the best lit up houses. I want to assign a ridiculous task to be performed at each house? Any ideas?

We are all going to meet in a large parking lot, leave the excess cars behind, and everyone is going to follow my car to each house. I want to "assign" the task in the parking lot before we leave.

The tasks don't necessarily have to be Christmas related.
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Maybe you could ask each of your friends to belt out a holiday carol on the lawn? Perhaps this would reduce the risk of freaking out the occupants of the homes at which you will (unexpectedly?) be performing ridiculous tasks.
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you could get yourselves into different christmas poses and take pictures at every house.
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Have them chug egg nog.
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Prepare an award or certificate for elegant/outstanding achievement in Christmas decoration and have your friends deliver them. Appropriate elfin attire required for delivery.
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Each car must get out and lead a carol at each spot. I have a great set of lyrics I'll mefimail if you like.
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One car has to count the lights at each house, another has to make a painting (in watercolors!) of each house's lights display, another has to take photos of themselves as judges holding up a "score" for the house's lighting display. And each has one minute per house to do it.
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As a neighbor of one of "those houses", I implore you, whatever it is, make it quick and quiet.
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I say for the houses with decorations, make everyone incorporate themselves into the scenery and have someone take a photo of the entire scene. So one person could stand with the line of plastic toy soldiers; another person could pretend like he's riding the sleigh with Santa.
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Response by poster: madajb, duly noted.

I appreciate the suggestions so far, feel free to throw more in.
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