Free/cheap property ownership search for New York City
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Looking for free or cheap property ownership data for co-op/condo units in Manhattan. General question has been asked before but doesn't yield what I'm looking for here.

I am looking to find the name of the owner of a specific condo unit in Manhattan. I assume that this is public data (and don't want it if it's not) -- I just can't figure out how to get to it.
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Best answer: You can try this--but the issue I find is that a coop apartment is owned by the coop association, and the householder is just a shareholder in the corporation with the privilege of residing in the unit. Thus all coop listings come up under the association's name.
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Best answer: You can also use this site for more property info, but need either the owner name or tax parcel number - you can get that off of the other poster's site. But again, if owned by a co-op you'll only get the association name.
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Response by poster: thanks-- in combination, that worked great.
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