Will our sun conure be okay without leaving his cage for a week?
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We're going on vacation for 4-5 days, and are leaving our sun conure in the care of our friends. Unfortunately, he bites anyone who isn't us, so they can't let him out of his cage. (His wings are unclipped, so he would have no problem getting to them.) Will he be okay?
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Best answer: He'll be okay. I've had to leave my grumpy Green Cheek Conure for 3 weeks before (and right now I'm leaving him for 2 weeks). He gets a bit nippy with me when I come home, and after the first 3 weeks he's been more prone to get annoyed with me than he was before, but it's been nothing that proper handling and re-socialization won't fix (and I also really need to work on the hum biting other people thing...).

So, probably no cause for worry. He'll be a little lonely/bored and frustrated and he might get angry with you, but he'll be okay. :)
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Best answer: He'll be OK. As quirks said, a little cranky at the disruption in his usual routine, but no long-term harm will result.

If he is open to new toys (our birds are afraid of new toys so there's a whole long process for introducing them), get him some. Or leave some special treats to help keep him occupied in his cage. Whether you do that or not, enjoy your vacation and know that all will be well.
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