What unique events are taking place in NYC on NYE in Brooklyn/Queens?
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I'm going to be in NYC for New Year's Eve with a few friends and we would like to go to a local celebration/event in Queens or Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Are there any that you recommend?

We're most definitely avoiding the crowds in Midtown Manhattan but thought there must be some unique celebrations elsewhere in the city. Flushing? Brighton Beach? Where's the best spot to ring in the New Year?

We are all mid-20's, most live in NYC/Philly/Boston, and are extremely savvy with regards to navigation -- and we have access to a car. We don't really care if we see fireworks but would rather do something free/close to free than pay.
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Nonsensenyc email list is your friend. They have a NYE eidtion which is epic and not manhattan-centric.
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Pratt University, in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn (my neighborhood) blows off a bunch of steam whistles at midnight. The campus has a steam boiler, and the guy who maintains it also has a bunch of steam whistles he collectes from locomotives and steamships and such. He drags them all out on New Year's Eve and sets them up on the campus quad -- about a half hour before midnight he starts playing a steam carillion/callilope/thing, and then at midnight he sounds all the whistles off. He then leaves them set up for a while so people can try sounding them off themselves.
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2nding nonsensenyc. It's a great resource. Also, if you're into being outdoors, go to Prospect Park for their NYE fireworks and then walk on down to Franklin Park. It's an awesome beer garden in Crown/Prospect Heights.
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hmmmm, I apparently do not know how to work the link sitch. I'll try again: http://franklinparkbrooklyn.com/ and http://www.prospectpark.org/calendar/event/235303
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Response by poster: Thanks! I have signed up for NonsenseNYC and will wait to see what they suggest. I love the idea of the steam whistles; I guess we're looking for more events in that somewhat unusual genre....
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Just take the L train and get off at Bedford Avenue. Walk south, or north. Or hell, east or west. Tell people you're looking for a party. You'll get invited to one. Damn street has turned into Bourbon St.
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