Sending an SMS via email to a Google Voice number?
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I used to have an ATT mobile number and someone could send me an SMS via email by sending a message to I now have a Google Voice number. Can someone still send me an SMS via email?

My googlefu seems to indicate a 'no' answer - which seems surprising to me.
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No, not as of right now. It appeared as if you could, but apparently that has changed.

I wish they would add it though. Do you hear me Google!?
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A third-party SMS to email gateway might be able to do this - I just tried sending a test message via email through SMS Geezer, and it just appeared on my GV homepage a moment ago.

The first three messages there are free, but after that it's $.10/ea.
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As 47triple2 mentioned, I don't think that they offer that anymore... However, there are quite a few options for replying to SMS sent to your GV account: Google Voice Adds Email Forwarding and Replies to SMS - Google Voice - Lifehacker
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You can initiate and SMS through google voice and then reply via email. Initiating is pretty much the same as an email. From the GV page, click on "SMS" and you type away. I use it both at home and on my blackberry.
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