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I would like for Windows Media Player to play music from my external hard drive. My google-fu is typically strong, but apparently I don't have the vocabulary for this task.

I have a lot of music, gigantic photos, and a 5 year old desktop; so I moved it all over to an external hard drive. (A 1TB iOmega, if it matters.) Now, my computer has room to breathe and I have plenty of room for more music and pictures and God only knows what all it would take for me to fill that bugger up.

Now, I can go to the external drive in My Computer and play an individual song. But, that's kind of pointless. I can copy-paste the music back to my C drive, but that defeats the point of getting the external drive.

I've googled all I could, I've seriously browsed the WMP Help Guide, and I've been to the online version as well. Hell, I even asked my mom.

Surely, there must be a way for me to say to Windows Media Player "Hey, go look for that file on the E Drive instead." Alternatively, can I move WMP to the E Drive?
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Best answer: File> Add to Library> Advanced Options> Add Monitored Folder> Navigate to drive and folder of your choosing
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Defragmeout has the answer. You can link all the songs on your external hard drive this way to your library.

Each time you add music to your external hard drive, repeat the above process to link the new folders to your WMP library.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much!
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Not what you asked, but I have found winamp to be really easy to use, and less crashy and annoying than media player.
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For media player 12 (Windows 7) you need to right click on Music> Manage Music Librarys>Add
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