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Gourmet Magazine Brownie Recipe Search (not on Epicurious)

I'm looking for a pair of recipes that were published in Gourmet magazine between 1992 and 2001 with a high likelihood of being in the 1999-2000 range. The first was a brownie recipe that was unlike most others. It was two part recipe: a liquid and a thick dough. When baked, the dough and the liquid floated past each other, transforming the dough into brownie and the liquid into chocolate sauce. The second was a burnt sugar/caramel ice cream. They were in the same issue and were meant to be served together. They went together like assault and battery.

I'm really looking for this exact pairing, not an approximation of either recipe.

The brownie recipe is not on epicurious that I could find. I went through every brownie recipe there published in Gourmet.
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Brownie Pudding Cake, Gourmet, April 1993
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Response by poster: Close, but that issue doesn't have the ice cream recipe, so I don't think it's it.
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It's possible that is the recipe you're looking for, but the ice cream recipe just isn't on Epicurious. They don't have every single recipe on there. I found the April 1993 issue of Gourmet on eBay for a reasonable price. Maybe you could ask the seller to see if the ice cream recipe is in the magazine?
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Could it be that you were looking for the wrong magazine?

Bon Appetit on Epicurious has a Warm Walnut Brownie Pudding and a Burnt Caramel Ice Cream. The Brownie Pudding is from Feb 1998 and is described thusly:

Rich brownies are baked with a chocolate syrup that sinks to the bottom and thickens into a fudgy sauce, creating a luscious layering of textures.
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Response by poster: I had a subscription to Gourmet for 10 years. I've got that detail right.
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Have you tried looking it up in the Reader's Guide to Periodicals? My library doesn't seem to have the relevant dates available to me at home, but yours might.
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