Anyone have some vegetarian Tagine recipes?
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Hi all; so my parents bought be a nice le creuset tagine for xmas, but I'm not quite sure what to use it for as a vegetarian. I'm sure I could make something like ratatouille but I'd really like to try some recipes that are specifically meant for a tagine and am getting the impression that lamb and chicken are going to feature prominantly in most of the recipes I find online. To that end, can anyone recommend some vegetarian tagine cookbooks?
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Well, there are plenty of vegetarian tagine recipes out there. In terms of good cookbooks, you will probably find lots of uses for your great new pot in these two books.
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There are 10 vegetarian tagine recipes on the BBC website.
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Best answer: A lot of the recipes mentioned aren't actually cooked in a tagine - mizike, do you have a gas or electric stove? Please say gas. :)

I consider Christine Benlafquih one of the best authorities on Moroccan cooking - here's a simple recipe for a Moroccan Vegetable Tagine, and yes, it's cooked in a tagine!
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Here is a recipe from Vegetarian Times:
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Response by poster: @HopperFan: As a renter I unfortunately have an electric stove. The fact that there's a piece of cookware called a Tagine, as well as a moroccan entree called Tagine makes searching online incredibly difficult. Most Tagine entree recipes found online aren't actually cooked in a Tagine (or if they traditionally were have been modified to use something else). I think the only solution is going to be buying a Tagine cookbook. Amazon has two but I wish I could see the table of contents before buying as I'd like to know that there are at least a couple vegetarian recipes before buying.
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No worries, you can still use your tagine effectively on an electric stove, just try to find a diffuser to put between it and the burner.

You might want to email Christine - she'll probably have some good ideas for you in addition to the recipes she already has listed online. Ghillie Basan's book has at least two vegetarian recipes in it, you might try that one.
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Just a thought - have you checked the cookbooks at your library? They might have some great recipes - you might even find an entire book that suits your needs, and that way you'll get to preview it before buying.
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