Rocky VI - The Christmas Dinner
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How can I maximize appetite recovery between X-mas lunch and X-mas dinner?

So every year, the same thing happens - Christmas Eve dinner at my parents, Christmas Day Lunch at my brother's, Christmas Day Dinner at my in-laws.

Now, the rational answer would be to politely explain to everyone that I will only eat a little bit of each meal in order to thoroughly and thoughtfully enjoy everone's culinary offerings at each sitting.

But now, that wouldn't be any fun, would it? Moderation is so overrated! Besides, I have a reputation to uphold!

So the question is dear Mefites, what are your tips and tricks to recover your appetite between two big meals only a few hours apart?

More info: I'm specifically concerned about X-mas Day Lunch and Dinner - Lunch is usually @1:30, while Dinner is @6:30.

I'll probably go jogging in between meals - but that's the only thing I can think of - is there a length of time I should look at?

Any other ideas? Brandy before eating? Oh, and the wacky tobaccky is not an option despite its appetite inducing effects!!
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Drink a lot of water to keep things moving on through?
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But seriously, my advice would be to eat slowly. You will eat less (I'm sorry, I don't want to ruin your no-moderation thing, but that's what my first suggestion is for :D) and be able to recover more easily for the next meal.

Another option is alka seltzer which does magical stomach magic when overindulgence of liquid or solid kind is a factor.
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I'm completely ravenous after running for an hour+ but I also don't generally stuff myself silly beforehand so your results may vary. If you're full enough you might vomit so that would be good I guess.
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I tend to have more lasting all-day hunger if I run in the morning. And you may be interested in a stimulant to keep your metabolism going. So I would go with this schedule:

9 AM: Run
9:30 AM: post-run light breakfast of leafy vegetables, coffee, and lots of water
1:30 PM: Lunch
(spend afternoon digesting, and make sure you're stretching periodically to keep the blood flowing)
4:00 PM: Run, again.
4:30 PM: ...followed by another cup of coffee and lots more water.
6:30 PM: Gorge.

If you can, try running at a variety of speeds, similar to HIIT; you'll continue burning more energy that way.

Also, during the meals: avoid high-calorie fluids like soda and wine, opting instead for more water to wash it all down.
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I had two large Thanksgiving dinners this year (one around 1 pm, the other around 7 pm). It was really hard. I wanted to give up, and I'm never doing it again. But: it can be done.

I would recommend taking a nap rather than running, and drinking wine instead of beer.
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Postprandial perambulation, perhaps with the family.
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A friend of mine swears by a concoction of angostura bitters and water. Says it tastes like a sweettart.
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Haha! i love this question.

My suggestions are:

1. Don't graze between meals... possibly self-evident but I often find that people graze a lot on Christmas-type occasions.

2. Don't drag Christmas lunch out. Eat that relatively quickly. I feel fuller if I eat slowly and pace myself. You don't want to be doing that on Christmas day!

3. Walk in the afternoon. Then have a nap.
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Feed some of it to the dog under the table, or secret the bulkier items in a napkin. Misdirect by indicating you've eaten more than you really have.

"I've already had three helpings!"
"I snagged another roll the last time it passed by."

Push the food around on the plate, but rarely take a bite. If there are green veggies, preferentially load your plate with those -- especially at lunch. They'll help the rest of it make a speedier exit, so to speak. And will 'stick with you' less than starches/fats/proteins.

Movement is key, though hard running may slow the digestive process -- a brisk walk might get better results.
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