Are there any soft/plush hotel beds in Seattle?
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Just had an uncomfortable stay in Seattle on a firm hotel bed. Heading back in two weeks and need a better bed.

My wife and I just returned from a stay in Seattle. We stayed at a nice hotel with a firm bed. I had the worst night of sleep in my life. (No exaggeration). The longest stretch I was able to sleep for was 90 minutes or so. I was normally waking up every 10 to 30 minutes.

She likes a firm bed and slept ok on it.

At home she has her side of our sleep number bed set to 75, my side is set to 40. I think the hotel bed was a 80-90 setting.

The sleep number beds at the Radisson hotel chain are not very comfortable. I think they are a much lower end model than the one we have. The Temprapedic beds are not comfortable at all. Everypart of my body that is in the material when I sleep, sweats. That is not an option.

We will be going back in two weeks and I would like to sleep better. Most hotels we stay at have firm or very firm beds. Does anybody know of a hotel in the Seattle area that has soft/plush beds? Are there any chains that have some in some rooms in their hotels?
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I sleep like a baby on the Hampton Inn's beds. They have their own line of mattresses (made by Serta, apparently), and whenever I'm on a long road trip, I seek out the Hampton Inn for the night because I know I'm guaranteed to get a good, comfortable night's sleep.

There is a Hampton Inn a couple of blocks from Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is), so it's not right downtown, but it's a fifteen minute walk to downtown.
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I recommend the Starwood hotels, especially the Westin. I'm actually saving up to buy their bed now so that I can sleep on it every night.
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Westin is the way to go, or The W. Link.
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I was also coming in to say W (Westin).
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I like the W beds. They aren't entirely soft enough for me, but they are acceptable. We stayed at the Hotel Monaco when I ran a race in Seattle this summer. That bed was soft enough for me. We booked using They got us a suite at a very inexpensive rate when the city was sold out with 25,000 marathoners visiting the city. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

If you need a truly soft bed, then call the hotel and ask what you're options are. They might be able to add an extra feather bed or two. That topper isn't going to completely cure a too firm mattress, but it will help a bit.
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I can second the Hampton Inn beds. I work the front desk at a hampton (and will be staying at the Downtown Seattle location this summer) and I love the beds. Loads of folks say they're super comfy (on the soft side). Also a little more affordable than the Westin.
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Response by poster: Thank you to everybody for the help. Hopefully a better night sleep is in my future.
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