Looking for audio cart software for Ubuntu.
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Looking for audio cart software for Ubuntu. Bonus points if it imitates Jazler Show! 1.5.1.

Some friends and I have been doing a podcast now for a few years, and have been using the usual Windows-compatible freeware for production--Audacity for recording and mixing, and Jazler Show's freeware edition (1.5.1, found here, second from the bottom) for an audio cart.

Our executive producer has had a computer failure and is not in a position to replace it right now, so he's switched to another, older computer. He's installed the latest Ubuntu distro on it, and is overall very pleased...except that Jazler Show isn't compatible with it. He even tried running Jazler Show using an emulator and has had no luck.

We've hunted around to find a suitable replacement software but so far have come up empty. Our producer has been making do with dropping our promos into the show after we record, but really it's a lot easier to have an audio cart to drop in bumpers, promos, etc. as we record.

Can anyone recommend some freeware or inexpensive audio cart software for Linux?

Thanks in advance!
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There's something called Rivendell that's pretty comprehensive and includes something like you describe, called SoundPanel. The whole thing looks pretty complex, though, and probably won't be too easy to install on Ubuntu.
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It has .debs, so installation is not that bad. Instructions are here: install rivendell on ubuntu

If you can use the ubuntu package manager, and copy and paste to the command line, it will be a cinch.

Setup may be more difficult.
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Thank you for your help!
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