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What's a good, open source alternative to Visio? I'm looking to do some flowcharts, absolutely hate working with the draw tools in Word, and need something fairly simple, easy to use. Prefer not to use web based, don't like trusting data to third parties.
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I've used Dia before; it's not bad. It was originally made as a Visio alternative for Linux, but now they have a Windows version as well. Not as slick as it could be, but the price is right and it gets the job done.
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There is DIA.
I use the portable version (found on
It does not have the "exact" Visio primitive diagrams, but it is very useful.
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I have used SmartDraw quite a bit in the past when I was a technical writer and it works just as well as Visio. It has a free download, too.
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Seconding OpenOffice Draw, it's pretty simple, sane, and has flowchart shapes and connectors built in,
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Last time I looked into this, which was about a year ago, the answer was "there are no good free alternatives to Visio."

I gave up and just used MS paint to draw my flow charts. Now I would use Paint .net. Of course, they don't do the nice connecty thing, or font flow in a box, but it was faster than fighting with tools that were not Visio.
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I tried to find a decent alternative awhile back on the PC side, and thought all the other options were severely lacking. However, if you happen to be using a Mac, OmniGraffle is quite nice.
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Since you mention hating (some?) draw tools, maybe you'd like to try something where you describe the relations and let the software lay out the graph for you. Check out Graphviz. I quickly found an example that looks flowcharty on their site (click on the picture to see the markup/source). And wow, have a look at all these examples.

Like using markup instead of wysiwyg for writing text, it frees you from the drudgery of layout, and also makes it hard if you want a particular layout...
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Just in case the drawing tools you're using in Word are just the shapes and arrows, have you tried Smart Art yet (in the 2007/2008 version)? It's pretty good for simple diagrams and flowcharts. More info:
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You can do flowcharts in Powerpoint if they're not to complicated.
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