HR-Filter: How does the temp agency you work for store its secure documents?
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Document Imagine/HR-Filter: How does your large company store its secure documents?

Okay, so I work on the admin end of a temp agency (i.e. not as a temp.) I'm in charge of document imaging. Rather, I'm in charge of creating a document imaging infrastructure. My boss said I can purchase any software I need so that we may retain the documents the temps fill in when they register. We have a lot of registered temps/day (>100) but this is a small non-profit with a limited budget, so software over a couple of thousand is out of the question. Bonuses for software companies w/ discounts for non-profits. Getting a consultant for this or speaking to a lawyer regarding any of these matters is also out of the question.

So, what system do you recommend for retention of Federal (I-9/W4) and HIPAA documents? By the rules, it has to be secure and able to track all reads and writes of/to the scanned documents.

I don't really need indexing software because we don't have an industrial scanner and because all incoming files are checked by hand.

Finally, if you have a company in NYC that has such a system set up, I would have no problem showing up to your offices for a tour. In fact, I'll take you out to lunch or something for the privilege. (Mods, please delete this request if it is against the rules)
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(Oh, I'm not sure if I was clear or not, but this isn't a Google-fu question. I'm looking for personal recommendations and experiences. Suggestions as to which software to avoid are also welcome.)
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My company uses FileNet, but we have nothing but problems with it. If FileNet is beyond your budget, be grateful.
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If you're a non profit with a limited budget, look into any of the *free* full disk encryption products that exist... Truecrypt or similar. At least that will take care of your data-at-rest problem for storing things like social security numbers. Of course if the PC is logged in and the volume is mounted, that will not stop anybody that has physical access to it.
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I am currently looking at KnowledgeTree, but I do not have any first-hand results yet.
They have an open source version that is available, you do need a web server though.
(I am trying xampp.)
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Look at Digitech's hosted product called ImageSilo, or their locally based product Papervision.
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