I know how to cook--but I still want a blueprint!
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Blueprint artwork for recipes . . . has anyone seen these?

Many years ago I saw some poster-type prints that were designed to look like blueprints of how to assemble common foods. I remember one for a taco, one for an ice cream sundae, and I'm sure there were several others. They looked very authentic and were very eyecatching! I'd like to purchase something similar for my kitchen--has anyone seen anything like this online or in an actual store? Googling has not been helpful.
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Wow, I do remember those....

I tried searching "exploded diagrams" of food, but also had no luck finding a site with them....

These would be fun and cute in a kitchen....
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As of this past July there was one -- lox on a bagel -- framed and hanging on the wall in the back room at Great Barrington Bagel, Gt. Barrington, MA, 413-528-9055. You might as well call them and ask if there's any publication information visible on the poster. Just don't try during breakfast or at lunchtime.
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At all posters, I found this one, which is a cocktail blueprint.
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Here I found a tuna sub sandwich blueprint.
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Istock has one sandwhich cutaway.
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That cocktail poster looks pretty good. The framed poster that I recall was a bit smaller. Thirty-six inches might be too big for kitchen cute. Those two sandwich drawings are not nearly as formal and detailed as the one I saw, which had the usual trappings of an architect's construction blueprint -- dimension, legend, maybe a revision block, etc.
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Thanks for these suggestions! These are close, but not quite as detailed as what I remember seeing. The ones I remember had multiple views of the food (from above, front view and from the side) they had written specs for each ingredient, and also showed measurements, weights, etc.--very similar to what Dave9 is describing. They really did look very similar to an architect's rendering of a building!
I'm going to keep looking . . .
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